Brian Honan 5K, Friends, Burgers, and Fries.

Today I ran the Brian Honan 5K.  This race started at noon, which, given how warm this early Boston autumn has been felt likea  start.  I did a warm up run from my apartment over to the starting line located at Tavern in the Square in Allston.  Around a quarter to, the officials called everyone to the starting line.  Everyone tentatively stood away from the official starting line, not wanting to declare themselves frontrunners (myself included).  After the national anthem, some of us meandered closer to the starting line.  The race was called, and due to an unusually fast reaction time, I was leading the race for, oh, about a good eight seconds before some legitimate racers caught up and passed me.  This was a relatively flat course that went down North Beacon, Turned on to Cambridge Street, and then led on to Washington Street in Brighton.  At around the 1 mile mark, there was a nice gradual hill that I used to pick up some speed going under the assumption that this race would turn right and then we would loop back to the finish line.  But, I was wrong, horribly wrong.  At the 1.5 miles split, we turned directly around and headed immediately back up that now torturous hill I had just descended.  At the turn, I was on schedule to run the fastest 5K of my life, clocking the split at 10:13.  However, by the time I reached the apex of the hill, yesterday’s run caught up with me and I felt like molten lead was pulsing through my legs.  Around a quarter mile to the finish, someone around me started a pretty heavy kick, this was just the impetus I needed and started turning over the best I could.  I wound up finishing in 21:42, which still makes this the fastest official 5K I’ve run so far  at solid seven minute splits.  However, an important lesson was learned, don’t go out that heavy the day before.  I’m now looking forward to next weekend’s Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K, which is on a Saturday – so my legs should be fully rested.

I had attempted to get some of my friends come and cheer me on, as this is right in the area where we all live.  Two of my friends tried desperately to make it, but due to the inefficiency of the 66 bus didn’t make it in time.  As soon as I returned home, I saw their texts and appreciated their valiant efforts.  While I was walking home, I had been contemplating doing sprints up and down steps on a long path.  But, they suggested getting lunch, and there was no way I could say no to that.  Between the gym and running, I’ve been going pretty hard the past two weeks on training.  I rarely eat red meat. maybe once a month (if that), as my natural inclination leans towards vegetables and fish, but a burger more than hit the spot.  It was nice to slow it down some and just spend a few hours of conversation with friends, burgers, and fries.

Song(s) Stuck in My Head:  Little Secrets — Passion Pit, Life is a Carnival — The Band


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