Some days and the Somerville 5K

Some days you’ve got it.  Each breath is inspired and reenergizing.  Every step you take is light.  Your legs are boundless supplies of energy propelling you forward for three, five, ten miles.  How long will it take?  It doesn’t matter; you’re a perpetual motion machine.  Today was not one of those days.  I woke up and my eyes felt like anchors.  I contemplated the pattern on the ceiling for a while.  Then approximately 87 bones in my body cracked and creaked when I got up.  Stretching felt like the inquisition.  I had planned a fourteen mile run today, but after moving around for a little while, I figured I would just get out there and play it by ear.  I ran the reverse route of my Tuesday/Thursday loop. As expected, I just couldn’t put it together.  My timing was off, my mind wandered, the sky looked cold and unforgiving – and the occasional breeze that came up slapped you awake in an unfriendly way.  So, I managed only about six and a half miles today.  I did, however, run up Summit Ave to the top of Corey Hill.  I love running up hills.  Not because I particularly enjoy the miserable acid ache that washes over your legs when you’re doing them, but because at the top you’re generally rewarded with a pleasant vista.  I’ve hiked mountains in the Adirondacks with fire towers to catch a glimpse of lakes carved like scars in the mountains; I’ve endured biting chill winds on ski slopes and seen from one state to another, from one country to the next just a blanket of white washed forest spanning the horizon.  Corey Hill, though, is disappointing.  There is just a slight notch where you can see a swatch of Cambridge…and that’s about it.  There is a human sundial that I like to stand on.  Today was just too clouded to make it work ,though.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Corey Hill.  It’s great for a picnic and to park yourself there and read on a nice day.  I just need something more after enduring a hill climb.

It’s started to be a Sunday tradition that I meet up with a few friends after a run. Today I met with two friends for brunch, which is the first brunch I’ve had in Boston in two years.  Crazy!  My Southwestern Scramble definitely did the trick.


Yesterday I ran the Somerville 5K benefitting the Somerville Homeless Coalition.  This is my favorite 5K that I’ve run in Boston, and I’ve done it the past two years.  It’s exceedingly well organized, the course is well laid out and fast.  And bonus!  Brunch afterward!  I woke up yesterday to the pouring rain, geared up and headed out.  I made it to Davis Square about 20 minutes to race time, just enough time to get checked in, check my bag, and do a quick warm up before going over to the starting line.  This year they opted for chip timing, which would have been fantastic if it had been chip timed from beginning to end.  However, your time started with the gun and then had an accurate end time when you crossed the finish line.  Going under the assumption that my time would start when I crossed the start line, I started in the middle of the pack.  So, I wound up finishing with an official time of 21:18.  However, it took me a good 10-15 seconds to cross the starting line.  Either way, I’m content with my time.  If I keep shaving time off like this, I will be running a world record by Christmas.  Brunch was great after the race, props to Anna’s for supplying delicious burritos.  I’ve also noticed there is a certain camaraderie to those that run road races alone.  Standing around after the race, I had some nice conversation with other solitary runners.  These are the generic “how did you do?” conversations, but it is nice to talk and not just stare blank eyed and exhausted after a race.

Click Here For Course Map


Song Stuck in My Head – Domino – Van Morrison


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