If You’ve Never Stared Off Into the Distance In Your Life, It is a Shame

So, today was productive.  I made some more tuna salad.  Oh yeah, and I ran 17 miles!  This is the single longest distance I have ever run.  Ask me if I’m excited about that.  Go ahead ask me.  The answer is yes! I didn’t just run Boston, I ran all over Boston.  Allston, Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, Brighton, Newton — I hit them all today. I have this entire week off, and really no clue what to do with my spare time.  Of course I plan on getting some relaxing and reading done along with laundry, cleaning, all that other pseudo-productive stuff – but, the weather this past weekend and so far this week has been too good to not get out and enjoy.  I ran again with Lara and Peter yesterday, same route we did on Saturday.  Then hiked on up to Corey Hill and got some reading in before heading to the gym.  Then today I ran a composite of the three runs I’ve done the most –  the run along the Emerald Necklace/Muddy River, the loop around Storrow and Memorial, and the loop around the Chestnut Rill Reservoir.  It’s strange running in the middle of a weekday when everyone else is at work.  The constant flow of runners that usually stream past on the Esplanade had been whittled down to only a few.  It was kind of invigorating feeling as if stretches of Boston were all mine.

One of the best decisions I made was to jam a Cliff Bar into my water bottle so I could literally eat and run, which came in really handy around mile ten.  One of the worst decisions I made was to put my Gatorade in the refrigerator.  The sub-zero thirst quencher is great after a run, but during, while it’s strapped to the palm of your hand – one of the most sensitive parts of your body with thousands of nerve receptors –  is just uncomfortable.  I promptly took all the jugs out of the fridge to get them up to room temperature for next time.

On Sunday night I went over to my sister’s to make dinner and so her and Peter could regale me with stories from their honeymoon in Barbados.  They’re making a recording of each of the sessions so that way they will always have the stories fresh in their memories.  That day, I spent time reading with my sister and enjoying my 1) scheduled day off and 2) the astounding Indian Summer weather.  Though we did get some reading done, a good chunk of the afternoon was spent talking about what to make for dinner that night, a favorite Kimmerer Family recreational activity.  One time, many years ago, after a winter storm at our house in New Jersey, Lara, Peter, and I ventured outside to shovel our cars out.  Lara was lethargic.  I was listless.  We were bickering and unproductive.  Finally, Peter asked if we were hungry.  We nodded, went inside, ate, and were magically better.  Peter’s comment at the time, which is now tried and true motto, is “Nothing Gets Done until the Kimmerers Are Fed”.  We finally decided on pizza.  But, what kind?  I had read in the latest edition of Runner’s World that purple potatoes were in season and contain loads of iron, fiber, potassium, vitamins B6 and C.  Also, the same thing called anthocyanins  that make blueberries blue and cherries red are in the skins of these potatoes, which is a powerful antioxidant.  So, as long as this pizza had purple potatoes, I was sold.  We grabbed dough from Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline and then to Trader Joe’s to get everything else, they fortunately had purple potatoes in stock.  Coupled with a giant salad and some honeymoon tales, it was not only a great runner’s meal, but just a great meal.

And here is an action shot of me taking on a green pepper.

Special thanks to my good friend Laura for making the first official donation to my Run For Research fund!  I encourage all of you, and I do mean all of you, to click on the Help Support Me! Tab right above and donate!  You can donate as little as five dollars, and even that would be a major help!.  If scrolling up is too much for you, just click on this really long hyper link and then hit Sponsor Me!

Song Stuck in My Head – Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby – Counting Crows


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