What a Croque Of…

So, remember that exuberance I had last Tuesday?  Boasting that I was back?  Yeah, that may have been a little misplaced.  While I can grind out a run, it isn’t pretty.  If you were to see me walk you would think, actually you wouldn’t think anything.  I walk fine.  If you were to see me casually jog you might think I was just taking it easy.  But to see me run, you’d know there was something wrong.  I can’t get on my forefoot without causing an acute pinching feeling in my Achilles.  This is just getting annoying at this point.  I see people running and I morph into having manic emotions.  First comes the depression that I’m not running.  Then comes the jealousy that they are.  This turns into anger which fades back into depression.

So, what am I doing about it?  Well, just about everything I can, which isn’t much.  I rest.  I stretch often.  I do calf raises utilizing the largest book I own – the Complete Works of Lewis Carroll.  I walk often.  Every now and then I do a test jog to see what my tendon feels like.  Each day it feels better, but not 100%.  Six days from now is my first official training run with RFR.  It’s only six miles.  I’m not too concerned about being able to run six miles after essentially laying off for three weeks, but I am concerned that my tendon will not be fine by then or I may set myself back.  Only time will tell.  Until then there’s rest and stretching and Lewis Carroll.

Let us analyze though, how did this debilitating issue really occur?  I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure that out.  It could be one, some, or all of the following.  I ramped up my mileage way too much way too quickly.  I switched from regular running shoes to barefoot shoes too sharply.  Improper running form — overpronation on my right foot only (a cheat from an earlier injury).  Whatever the cause, I really hope it clears up soon so I can get on with this whole marathon training business.

In the meantime, I’ve still been eating.  When I first moved to Boston, I lost about ten pounds just from a change in my diet.  It was a good ten pounds to lose. While college had been fun, it was not healthiest of times in my life.  I then lost some more weight once I started adding more and more mileage on.  If for nothing else, I’ve been able to put back on a few pounds that I need to stay on an even keel once I do finally get to start training all out again.  So, what did I make tonight?    A croque monsieur – in layman’s terms, an inverted French grilled cheese with ham.  There are a few criteria meals I cook for myself have to meet – they need to take under thirty minutes to prepare and need to cost less than ten dollars – this qualified for both.  While I have lived within the same square three blocks for the three years I’ve lived here, the Whole Foods in Brighton has always seemed a bit more of an excursion to undertake than I normally like.  Turns out, though, it’s on the other side of the hill.  Literally, a five minute walk from where I live.  As I was walking through buying groceries today, I walked through the cheese section – arguably my favorite part of the store.  Right next to each other was both gruyere and emmental cheeses, the two most commonly associated with croque monsieur.  I opted for the gruyere, because I like it more, picked up some fresh country ham and a seven grain bread sweetened with dates (because that just sounds good).  I also put some tomato on mine, which technically and unintentionally apparently (yeah adverbs) makes it a croque provençal.  Who knew?  I buttered my bread and grilled it in a preheated pan for about 30 seconds on each side before throwing the sandwich in a toaster oven for five minutes to melt the cheese (making sure the setting was on broil).  All in all, delicious.  I figured I would keep things New England and pair it with a cup of fresh clam chowder.

Thank you very much to both Sara Garber and Emma Hanson for their donations this week!  And hey, if you’re reading this now and want to donate click here and then hit Sponsor Me! You know you want to.

Song Stuck in My Head — Escapee — Architecture in Helsinki


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