I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….Party!

Whose got two legs and ran this weekend?  This guy!  On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go to the first Run for Research long run.  If you’ve been following along for the past few weeks you know I’ve been crawling (practically) out of an Achilles heel injury.  Going into the run on Saturday I was definitely a little worried about my ability to grind out a few miles, fortunately that worry was alleviate about five minutes into the actual run.  After arriving at Equinox at 225 Franklin St. downtown and being shown around (this place looks like a nightclub, not a gym) we were given an overview of the different distances and routes.  Initially I planned on just running a five mile route with the hopes that if I felt good enough I could run two more.  Once we headed out and started the run I quickly wound up the group planning on doing ten miles and thought, why not?…by the 2.5 miles turn around point I felt pretty good and just kept going. I wound up finishing the ten mile run in about one hour and twenty two minutes – which I’m happy with for pretty much taking three weeks off.  What I’m even happier about is that my Achilles felt fine (relatively) since the run, which was my greatest concern.  I’m obviously going to carefully monitor how it feels after every run and pull back again if I need to.  After the run, a large group headed to Panera for coffee, bagels, and getting to know one another.  One of the reasons I wanted to join the Run for Research team was how social and welcoming the team seemed to be.  This has been completely validated.  I’m so happy to be running and training with this group, which is going to make a long winter that much more bearable.

Wake up, Allison!

Also this weekend I had the Third Annual White Christmas Party.  Every year since I’ve lived in Boston I’ve hosted a cocktail party where the capstone is watching the 1954 Bing Crosby and Danny Kay classic White Christmas.  This year I thought, why not turn it into a fundraising event?  My sister and Peter were gracious enough to allow me to use their apartment to host the party. Each year I’ve had a featured drink special – the first year was wassail, a potluck dinner, and 1950’s themed, last year was hot buttered rum and also required jacket and tie, and this year I made gluhwein, a traditional German mulled wine (recipe below) and required no dress code, though guests were encouraged to dress festively.  In addition to gluhwein, there was loads of cheese and crackers and enough dessert to feed a party ten times as large.  The only requirement for coming this year was a ten dollar cover charge, which I will filter through my companies matching program to maximize the return.  After a prerequisite cocktail hour, we all settled down to watch the movie.  At almost two and half hours, White Christmas can bog down a little bit in the middle, but this year it went by amazingly fast, maybe it was the gluhwein, but who knows, really.  I would like to again thank everyone that came out and made this year’s party and fundraising event such a success – I was able to net $400.00 for the American Liver Foundation and Run for Research!


Gluhwein Recipe:

The first thing you will need is mulling spices.  You can seasonally pick these up at a variety of places.  They come in two varieties—loose, which requires you to use a tea infuser and those that already come pre-bagged.  I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma.

The next thing you need it wine, you’ll need as much as your guests require.  If making individually, use a small pot and slowly bring the wine to just before boiling while steeping the mulling spices.  If making bulk, use a crock pot and heat while steeping.  I also chose to make individual orange slices to decorate the rim as well as add a bit more flavor by dropping in.  For added punch, you can also make your ‘mit schuss’ or ‘with shot’ by including triple sec, or Grand Marnier if you’re made of money, to the batch.  Serve with that orange slice and enjoy!



I would also like to thank my friends Tim Calamaras and Katie Stango (way out in Ohio) for their donations this week!  And if you yourself are filled with the holiday spirit of giving, please feel free to donate here!


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