The Holy Trinity: Beer, Burgers, and Fries

So, this is a little long, but a lot has happened — it has been quite a running filled week!  It all started on Tuesday when I connected with another team member from RFR who lives literally around the block from my apartment that I had never met before.  We met up that night after work and got in a nice 4 mile run. One of the reasons I was so excited to be on RFR was how there seemed to be a real camaraderie that the runners had with one another.  If you’re training all Boston winter long with people for a marathon, you’re bound to get friendly, but the RFR Team seems to have that vibe even more so.  See Wednesday night for details.

So, Wednesday night Run for Research had their holiday party at the Pour House on Boylston St.  I’m sure other marathon teams have socials like this, but RFR was the only team to promote them on their website when I was perusing charities I wanted to run for.  I managed to get in a fair amount of Christmas shopping before the party.  Once there I got to meet a few more team members and the ALF people who are making this whole endeavor really come together.  It was a great time, but I was exhausted from work and left earlyish to come home and crash.

Thursday night I ran over to Clover Food Lab in Harvard Square to pick up my race gear for the Cambridge 5K Yulefest that was going down this weekend.  It was a round trip of about 6 miles.  The weather started out really mild, but by the time I headed home it became blustery, colder, and started raining.  I managed to beat it home before the skies really opened up. It turns out that my new running friend from Tuesday night was also running this race, which is great, because quite frankly, I’m tired of running races and never knowing anyone.  In advance of this, though, I had been campaigning for my sister to come and run that race, too.  At this point she hadn’t fully committed, but I was fairly certain I had her leaning the running direction.  On Friday I finally received the confirmation that yes, she was running.  Let me hear you say whoo! for Lara.  Whoo!

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early, emphasis on early, to go for the Saturday Long Run with RFR.  Knowing that the 5K was the next day, I wanted to run conservatively, so I only ran 8 miles.  I got back to Equinox, showered, and then went home, had lunch and immediately crashed.  I wound up sleeping for three hours.  At what point does a nap just become straight up sleep?  I’m certain I crossed it.

Then this morning I was up bright and early (again) for the race.  Lara and I got to the race around 9:15 thanks to the generosity of Peter driving us.  Lara registered; we kept warm inside Clover for a bit before heading out to the starting line.  It was cold.  Sub-freezing temperatures, in fact.  This is the second time I’ve coerced my sister into running a race in frigid cold.  The last time was at the Super Sunday 5K in February 2010.  We headed to the back of the pack (ahh, the stress relief of chip timing!).  Ahead of us was a crowd of runners, some dressed in awesome costumes (Santa riding an oversized turkey?  Baller.)  The race started, Lara and I slowly made our way to the starting line, I gave her a good luck pat on the back, she gave me a look of ‘why are you making me do this?’ and then I darted off.  For the first half mile I stuck to the outside left just to get passed the masses and out to a place where I could get my own stride.  I was a little concerned about my Achilles’ tendon flaring up, while I have been running on it, I have not been running for speed.  I just kept pushing myself to stay at a steady pace the whole time.  By the time the finish line was in sight I though “why not?” and gunned it.  For the last 100 meters or so I was at a nice sprint, maybe not 100%, but I did it. My time wound up being 21:15, which is the fastest official 5K I’ve ever run. Every 5K I’ve done this year, I’ve set a new PR.  Next year I want to be sub 21 minutes.  This will happen.  I grabbed my gear and waited for my sister.  She came by not long afterward.  She didn’t stop running once!  Let’s hear another whoo! for Lara!  Whoo!  We grabbed our complimentary Peak Organic beer, a local pale ale that was delicious and refreshing and then called in Peter to come and grab us again.  After showering and thawing, we headed over to The Squealing Pig and grabbed lunch, part of my post race tradition.

The Holy Trinity in action. Yes, that's a fried egg.

Then, I came home and passed out again for two hours.  I’m exhausted just typing about all of this again.  Time for another nap?

If you’ve made it this far, why don’t you help a runner out?  Just click on this link here and hit sponsor me.  You’ll get special shout out like this one on my blog if you do:  I would like to thank Sue Cavanaugh, Trish Soucy, and Ann Corbett (again) for donating!  I really appreciate it guys!  Don’t you want that, too?


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