Excellent (_________) All Winter

Training is starting to settle into a groove lately.  After not going last week, I finally met up with Ally to do the run from Crossroads pub on Beacon St.  The group meets around 5:30 and then heads out around 6:00 and catches the D Line all the way out to Woodland.  From there you essentially run the last 9 miles of the marathon course.  Most importantly you get to tackle most of the Newton hills, including Heartbreak.  This is the first time I’ve tackled the fabled hill.  While it is a hill by hill standards, to me it seems more like an incline – a very long incline.  It wasn’t hard to take on this time around, but I was hitting it with fresh legs, not after 17 miles.  At least with running this leg over and over again, on the day of the marathon I will be prepared and know all the landmarks.  In prep for attacking all the hills this, coming Tuesday we’re planning on running up Summit Ave. and Corey Hill to build strength.

Ran 11 miles with the liver team this morning.  My legs definitely were not the freshest, but by the 7-8 mile mark I finally loosened up and was able to finish strong.  Afterwards I met up the rest of the team for the traditional post-long run second breakfast at Panera.  Tomorrow I’ll be running with a friend around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir to keep my legs loose.  From here on out, I’m hoping my training will be more regular and stabilize.

For you Boston readers, you may remember this ad from New Balance last winter that was plastered all over the T:

Looking at it makes me want to be badass and run in some terrible weather.  So far I’ve been grateful that the weather has been so cooperative.  But, I won’t lie – now, I’m starting to grow concerned  about what April 16th will bring.  It down poured with lightning, thunder on the day I graduated college and I had a great time.  So, even if it’s a sleet and hail hurricane the day of the marathon, I’m going to be out there.

Excellent also does a lot of other things all winter.  Today excellent  kept napping all winter.  If you’re Meghan, often excellent complains all winter.  If you’re me and Ally, excellent drinks beer all winter.  That’s one of the perks of the Crossroads runs – free pizza post-run.  Great ploy on their part.  I mean, how can I not have a beer combined with pizza after plowing through nine miles? I have to say it’s also a really strange feeling sitting in a bar drinking in spandex.  If you had asked me if I would be doing this 1, 2, 3, 10 years ago I would have categorically said no way.

Looking to get your year started off right?  How about you help support the American Liver Foundation and all that they do towards the prevention, treatment, and awareness of liver disease by clicking here and hitting sponsor me!


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Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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2 Responses to Excellent (_________) All Winter

  1. Our first apartment in the city was at the base of Summit Ave. on the Brighton side. We’d walk up that hill to get to Coolidge Corner. You are a beast to be training on Corey Hill! All my admiration to you!

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