Two Steps Forward and One Step Back With A Dead Horse

One of my friends describes me as persistent.  This is someone who has an incredible vocabulary and chooses her words carefully.  I think she was being overly kind with the word choice as I’m sure there were more in her arsenal she could have driven the point home with.  I think she was trying to get at frustrating in a constant (and hopefully endearing) way.  Many times this persistence pays off. I do not give up on things easily.  I’m not satisfied with beating the dead horse, I have to try persuading it, electroshock therapy, giving it a mixed tape,  you know, anything that to try to make it live again.  Minimalist running is my dead horse right now.

I tried to find a middle ground with the New Balance Minimus, a minimalist shoe with a heel rise.  I tried going slowly with it, using it only for shorter runs.  Unfortunately, my idea of a short run is 4 miles at a sub seven pace.  Yes, I know this isn’t taking things slowly.  You can preach to the choir or beat this horse reasonable if you want.  Either way, I’ve wound up with another injury.  Left foot this time.  This is not the debilitating and crippling injury I induced in November by ignoring the problem.  I know something is amiss, so I’m not going to push it.  This injury is more annoying than it is anything else.  When I go down stairs, after taking three steps running, or stretch, the part of my Achilles that goes under my heel feels like a rubber band popping and gives off a sensation I can only describe like being an electric shock, except isolated and with a plucking feeling to it.  At first I was attributing this to another Achilles issue, but after consulting with me medical attaché Ally Reilly, there’s a chance it may be a nerve issue.  I find this more acceptable than a tendon issue.

So, what lesson am I learning (again)?  I’m shelving my Vibrams and my Minimus’ ‘til after Boston.  This is  a painful decision for me to make.  No more experimenting this season no matter how fast they make me run.  Even taking it ‘slow’ I’m still entering the 30+ mile a week range running and that’s just too much to add on a physical shift in how my foot and gait function.  After work and before going to the ALF meeting tonight I bought a new pair of the normal shoes I have (Brooks Defyance 4’s) – my current pair have withstood a fair amount of abuse, so why mess with a good thing.  I knew I needed new shoes, but it wasn’t until I just compared the two that I realized how worn my old ones are, which may be a contributing factor.  The soles are really, really worn – but they have a lot of information in them.  As I’ve pointed out before, I know I overpronate my right foot more than my left.  This is clear on my right shoe where the outside edge is significantly worn.    The midsection of the forefoot on my left shoe is more worn than the edges.  My heels are not very worn when compared to the rest of the sole, which confirms that at least my foot strike it better(the pictures I took just did not illustrate this enough). Also,  I’m going to stretch more.  After my failed run last night I went home and did a good amount of stretching which alleviated some of that electric feeling when I stretched.  I just need to be smarter.  At work, one of my mantras that I tell people is “do it right, or don’t do it at all”.  I need to apply this to my running.  I know what I need to do, and to use an over killed banking buzz phrase, I just need to flat-out execute.  Yes, I did just say that.

And while I’ve taken a few steps back training-wise, I’ve taken a few steps forward fundraising-wise.  I would like to thank Janelle Dempsey, Katie Coaster, Jen Russell, and Cathy Tingle for their generous donations!  I really appreciate all you support.  And I know you know it, but I’ll just say it again – the ALF is a great foundation that has done so much to help improve the lives of those with liver disease.  100% of your donations go to funding research, prevention, and aid for all forms of liver disease.  What more could you ask for out of a donation?  If you want to not only help me run the Boston Marathon, but also help this great cause just follow this link and hit sponsor me!

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