Easy Like Saturday Morning

Here’s a confession:  I didn’t go running this morning.  I wanted to, but at the same time I didn’t want to.  With a few quick breaks every now and then, I’ve been running and training for this marathon since I decided to in September.  It’s now February.  That’s a long time.  I ran 17 miles last weekend and felt really confident that I could go further.  I have two races in the next two weeks.  The Hyannis Half Marathon next weekend and the Black Cat 20 Miler the first weekend in March.  And there will be running in between.  For the latter, my friend Katie who has been featured prominently on here throughout the past few months will be coming up to run.  I haven’t seen her since October, I can’t wait to hang out and really run with her.

The reason why I didn’t run this morning is simple:  I couldn’t find the waffles I had in

Kids today just don't know how to be good neighbors, like we were.

my freezer.  Some people can get up in the morning, roll out of bed, and go run for miles and miles.  I can’t.  I take a long time waking up.  I need coffee.  I need to eat.  I need to get my mind working.  Last night one of my friends needed a place to crash, so I loaned her my couch.  This was at 2:00AM.  Living in Allston has many drawbacks.  One of them is the horde of drunken college kids with their yelling cascading off the buildings on my street. Kids these days…. I now know why all my neighbors hated my fraternity in college.  We were located on a residential street one block away from campus.  This is a simple math situation, 1 + 1 really does equal two.  Somehow we convinced ourselves that we were great members of the community.  We may have not been.  Either way, I didn’t get back to sleep for over an hour.  I knew waking up at 6:00 to go running was out.  I turned off my alarm and slept until 8:00.  I woke up, made some coffee for myself and my friend, caught up a bit. I have a book called Great Runs in Brookline which I leafed through while talking and decided to go on one of the runs suggested in the book.  I decided on the Three Ponds tour that goes around Chestnut Hill, Brookline Reservoir, and Jamaica Pond which clocks in at 8.7 miles.  I figured I could tack a few more miles on at the end by running into Coolidge Corner.  Then I went looking for my waffles and I couldn’t find them.  I knew at that moment I wouldn’t be running today.  And I was ok with this.  I made another cup of coffee and kept talking.  In my room Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me was on the air on low volume.  Neglected laundry was heaped in a corner.  Unopened mail was on my desk, work papers were still in my bag.  I decided I needed a normal Saturday.

About two weeks ago I decided very consciously to tone down my training,  The fact is I’m not a professional runner and this is my first marathon.  I had been neglecting my friendships, ducking out early on nights when I was making an attempt to be social. All training and no play makes Graham a dull boy.  So, I decided that once a week if I missed out on an element of training, everything would be fine, just fine.  I went to a whiskey tasting at Saloon (a prohibition style bar in Somerville) on Wednesday rather than going to the gym.  It was great! – even though I did feel vaguely guilty for missing out on gym time.  Today, I’m ok with not going running.  I was tired.  I needed to sleep.  I needed to have a morning catching up with friends.  My laundry has reached a level of shame.

But, tomorrow I will be running.  The same loop I decided today.  I’m going to be going food shopping today.  There will be waffles tomorrow.


About Graham Runs Boston

Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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