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I’m a race pusher.  I’m a race pusher and I’m not afraid to admit that I con people into running races with me.  For many, running is seen and a necessary evil for weight loss or to stay in shape, a means to an end.  Running is viewed as an arduous task, something to be endured rather than enjoyed.  As a race pusher, I vehemently disagree.  Although on the surface running a race for ‘fun’ seems moderately crazy, it is, in fact, fun.  I promise you.  I submit for your approval two cases: one Lara Kimmerer of Brookline and one Dara Stern of Cambridge.

The aforementioned Lara Kimmerer has been documented on this blog many times.  She is my sister.  And as we recently discovered, it was actually she that got me back into road races in 2009, however she created a monster and now I coerce her into running 5K’s with me whenever I can (next project, 10K.  She is also, I’m proud to say, committed to running a half marathon next February).  However, Ms. Stern is another case altogether.  I had been attempting to get her to run with my for some time, to no avail.  Then the weather intervened, the sun came out, the memory of the winter that wasn’t was completely erased, and we went running last Saturday.  I was going to be running the Quincy Half Marathon the following day and, deploying an arsenal of sales techniques, got to her to agree to run the 5K option.  Enter Raceday.

Raceday in action (photo courtesy of @areilly25 - you should follow her!)


Raceday is the new mobile application from RaceMenu – a race logistics and solutions tech company.  If you’ve ever run road races, you know they can be a zoo.  Bringing along all your valuable information in a wallet or purse can be unnerving, especially in this day and age of fraud and identity theft.  Therefore, most runners choose only to bring the bare essentials.  Among the essentials is always your phone.  With Raceday, you can skip the long lines, hand written applications, and mass confusion that are normally associated with on-site registration.  By storing all the required information for registration on your phone, the team at RaceMenu can scan your code and automatically upload it to the race site.  Name, age, city, and billing information are all easily taken care of so you can quickly and efficiently get to the starting line and get your race on.

Image courtesy of RaceMenu

This was Dara’s first ever road race.  We quickly went up to the RaceMenu table, Dara brought up her code, it was scanned, she was given her number and we were on our way to the starting line.  She had a great time and even surprised herself with her time and how short 3.1 miles felt.  There’s already scheming going on for a 10K at the end of April.  As for me, well, I had another great race.  The race course around Quincy was beautiful with long stretches going along the water.  There couldn’t have been a more perfect day and I cruised in to a new PR of 1:31:41.

Two miles down, 11.1 to go


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