Finishing Strong

To get things started I would like to thank Lambda Chi Alpha (Theta Pi) at Gettysburg for helping a brother out, Meghan Peck, Katherine Linnehan, Emily Montgomery, and Dara Stern for their donations!  If you’d also like to help a brother out, just click here!  Every bit counts!  And thank you to all the volunteers and police along the course, couldn’t habe done it without you!

Finishing in Quincy

As of yesterday (when I started writing this post before going to bed because I was exhausted), there are 21 days until Marathon Monday.  Three weeks.  It’s (almost) unbelievable that the marathon is right around the corner.  No.  I take it back.  It’s utterly  crazy that it’s this soon.  Even though I’ve spent months training, no one could have prepared for what it would feel like when the race is right around the corner.

But, good news!  I feel confident I can do it and do it well.  This passed weekend was a long, on course 21 mile run.  We started at the official start in Hopkinton and ran to the top of Heartbreak.  I now feel like I know the course and have my fueling plan down (gel at the 13 and 18 mile mark with another coming after the hills).  At the beginning I was upset that we would be on course so much, I wanted everything to be exciting and new.  But now I’m really glad to have had so much experience on the actual course.  Boston is a quirky course with lots of nuances.  It’s not a race you can go into blind.  You need to have a strategy.  I’m saying this and I haven’t even ran the actual race yet…but, trust me.

I really don’t have much to say about this run.  To be honest I felt like I was on autopilot. Just kept running.  You’d think I would have some epiphanies or serious thoughts over the course of 21 miles.  But, no.  I just ran.  And quickly. Under 7:30’s for the most part.  Which is also crazy.  By the time we finished and I started walking back to my car, I felt like I could have kept running — which I think is the sign of good training.  If after the end of this run someone doesn’t feel like they’re up to it, the haven’t trained adequately. But, I felt awesome!  At least until I started walking.  While I felt like I could have kept running, walking was a bit rough.  Three weeks to go.  Tapering starts next week.  Look forward to a fundraising BBQ coming in April!

Some quick highlights of the 21 miles:  Two women taking pictures of themselves Tebowing at the Wellesley sign, the cop at one of the crossroads asking how many people where behind me and then calling me a fast, getting to the turn onto Comm Ave and feeling like I was running in my own neighborhood, RaceMenu midway up Heartbreak, New Balance giving me a banana at the top, finishing and feeling strong, only having Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” stuck in my head for about 3 miles, coming home to find my bib card waiting for me.

On a non-running related note, at Noir’s Mad Men Premier Party on Sunday night, a friend and myself won best dressed.  I was runner up at the last premier.  Redemption is sweet.


About Graham Runs Boston

Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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