Helping a Sister Out

A few months ago my sister informed me that she would be running a half marathon. I’m sure nothing struck her as more daunting than attempting running 13.1 miles and nothing got my heart racing with the prospect of helping get my sister across the finish line. I’ve talked her into doing some things most people think are crazy (4 races and counting in sub-freezing conditions). But, I can’t be blamed for this one. This one gets pinned on her friend Jen.

What I like about the half marathon is that it requires commitment. It’s several notches above a 5K. A 5K is a great starter distance for those looking to change their lifestyle. But, the half marathon is for those who want to take the next big step and become…a runner. This distance demands a few key elements – a training plan, sweat, pain, self-doubt, exuberance, and the key to all runners, a touch of insanity. I mean, let’s face it, 13.1 is a distance you drive, not tie on shoes and get going.

Running a half marathon excites me. I don’t think is has the same effect on Lara. I’m hoping by the end of training, once she crosses the finish line and gets that finisher’s medal, she’ll have a different take. I can give you that answer in just over two months. I’m looking forward to running more with my sister. I’ve created a training plan for her and promised to run with her for all the long weekend runs that I can.

Having someone count on you to help them train, to help them endure, places a sense of responsibility on me. While my sister has committed to run the distance, I’ve committed to helping her get there. Along the way, I’m hoping to spark my own training and maybe, just maybe, run the whole marathon. We’ll see.

The race is back in my homestate of NJ, down the shore. Which means it will be fast, beautiful, and hot. Here’s the race info


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