So, that happened

“Well, that was terrible” -Peter Higgins after 12 miles.

We are 13 days out from the Long Branch Half Marathon and at the tail end of training for Lara and Peter. Yesterday we set out to run the longest run yet of our long runs. After a morning consult on the route we would go we settled on this, meet in Coolidge Corner, run down Harvard onto Comm Ave, cross the BU bridge, run down Memorial Drive, cross at the Museum of Science, run up the Esplanade, cross Comm, cross Beacon, run down the Muddy River, then back across Route 9 and around Griggs Park ( where Lara and Peter first started their running 5 years ago). Also, if you’re not from Boston, none of what I just said made any sense. Anyway, we met in Coolidge Corner.

I told my sister she had to do this in 2 hours or less or we would be doing a double session that day. She laughed. That would be the last time Lara Kimmerer laughed for over 2 hours. We started running at a good pace, mile 1 at 9:32 mile 2 at 9:08, mile 3 at 9:27 and I thought we could do this all day long. Mile 4 was still strong, mile 5 we slowed down and that’s when things started to get tough. My usual trick is to have Lara pick something and run to it then pick another. However, these have been on shorter runs, and there was going to be a lot of things we needed to pick to keep on going. It started out as a game of I spy but then I changed the rhyme to “I will meet with my fast feet”. I don’t know if this was helpful or horrible. There were a few walking sessions. At mile 7 we sucked down some goo at a water fountain in on the Esplanade. We crossed over to the Muddy River where my sister’s minor and momentary hatred of me flashed a few times. We made the turn to head back to their apartment. Ran to Griggs and I Kept saying “so close!” when we had a half mile to go. That was the longest half mile of their lives. We had to run to the end of their street, passed their apartment, before we clicked 12 miles. But, they did it! And in just over 2 hours. There was not a double session.

I was really hoping there would have been a runner’s high while we were running, a ‘we’re doing this moment’. That didn’t happen. Nor did it happen right afterwards. But, once we were all showered and at the Publick House for burgers, beers, and fries then it set in. Accomplishment pure and simple.

Hey, Lara, you’ve put in the work. You can do this. On May 5th when your miles into the half marathon, remember you and do it, you will be doing it, so just do it!

Also, these are my new shoes-Brooks Pure Connect 2’s and my first GPS watch




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Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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One Response to So, that happened

  1. Lara says:

    I’m actually getting a bit excited! I also sorry for the few times I lightly yelled at you. But, I do thank you for all the support you’ve given to me (and Peter) over the last few weeks. That burger and beer was pretty great too.

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