The Transformation is Complete!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has happened. Lara Kimmerer is a runner.

Let me explain how I know this is a fact:

Please note Article of Evidence 1). A text exchange yesterday wherein I stated I was intending to run Summit Ave. repeats. For those of you that don’t know Summit Ave. is .4 of a mile up and .4 of a mile down of solid leg thrashing. I mentioned I was going to be doing this around 5:45/6:00. Lara agreed.

Article of Evidence 2). Lara thought I meant 5:45/6:00 this morning. She agreed to waking up at dawn to run. Even texted me at 5:45 this morning to see if we were going while I was slumbering. She set alarms to wake up. I am not a morning runner. I need a solid 2 hours in the morning of coffee, breakfast, and reading and listening to the news to be something resembling vaguely functional. But, still. Waking up at dawn to run up Misery Hill? Badass.

And…Article of Evidence 3) Lara ran 5.5 miles today. 2 months ago that distance would have inspired fear and tears and Lara just went out like it ain’t no thang. But, that’s not all, people. She then came and did hill repeats with me anyway. Yep.

You can decide for yourself, but I’m calling it-BOOM RUNNER. Ready for the Long Branch Half Marathon? Drop the mic.

Rocking her suicidal double session…my sister!



About Graham Runs Boston

Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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