BAA 10K Recap

On Sunday I ran the 3rd Annual BAA 10K. In the wake of the marathon, this race sold out in record time. I was lucky enough to be chosen to run.

About a week before the race, my packet arrived from the BAA. Getting things in the mail from them is always exciting. Big official envelopes. Lots of glossy brochures inside. Snazzy bibs with your name on it. Due to a clerical error, they transposed my last and first names. So my bib had my last name on it –pretty badass.

I won’t lie – I barely trained for this race. I wanted this to be an epic run. It’s a BAA race, after all. During the Summer Series 5K I ran, my lack of conditioning was, well, apparent. Mile one was superfast – 2 and 3, eh… As I said to a friend after the race, I tried to phone it in, but it was a bad connection. Even with knowing that that I still really didn’t run. Intentions are wonderful things, they may get you to the starting line, not always across the finish, though.
I wasn’t all that excited for the race.

I woke up early – 5:30, had a cup of coffee and a bagel, threw my gear together and headed out the door around 6:50. I just made it on to a train at Packard’s Corner. Once I got inside, everyone on the crowded train was wearing running gear. I got excited. I got to the starting area and it felt like a mini Boston Marathon. They sort of had an expo/athlete’s village all combined in one on the Common. I grabbed my shirt and then went over to the Frog Pond, which was empty, and did some warm-ups. It was already getting hot, 70’s headed to 80’s, with some heavy humidity. After making a quick bathroom run and checking my bag, I went over to my corral. Now, I understand if you’re fast you like being fast. I was in a front section, slightly ahead of the sign that read 7:00 miles and these guys were upset that they weren’t 12.5 feet ahead with the fast people. Homeboy, if you’re so fast, just run past us. Your ego doesn’t belong at race were legit professionals are. Professionals. People that win marathons. Regularly. So chill.

Anyway. Race started. I somehow managed to miss my watch again and didn’t get it on track until .2 miles in, which sort of helped knowing exactly how many miles I was from the finish. My first timed mile went through at 6:11. As per my style, way too fast and my body knew it and put the brakes on the adrenaline. At the halfway point, Lara and Peter were there with the sign they made for the marathon saying less than 3 miles to go. I was hurting. I was hot. Why was I doing this? But, once I saw them, gave them a few looks to let them know I was approaching death, I knew I had to finish. Not fast, just finish. Just run. Don’t walk. So I did. And the second 5k wasn’t fast, but at least I ran it.

I finished the race and received my medal. I found a shady spot of the common to relax on, cool down, and rehydrate. On the way out I snapped a picture of a couple that had finished. They were about to stand in front of the bathrooms. I suggested they move over and snapped a picture of them with the race and the skyline in the background. It helps having a photographer sister.

So, I need to run. I need to get back in condition. I have three weeks to get myself to a place where I can run 3 legs across the state of Massachusetts in 24 hours with my friends. I have three weeks. And I can do it.
But, you can help me do it! Still just a little bit to go on fundraising – Click here to help!



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Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ
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