You Know You Want to Know About Me

I ran the Boston Marathon in 2012. I talk about it the same way veterans talk about Vietnam. The 2012 Boston Marathon really was about enduring, and I endured.

I run. I run more than most, less than many, and not nearly as much as I should. I run for a variety of reasons, most of them selfish. I run to stay healthy. I run to clear my head. I run because it’s a great day out and because I had a miserable day. I run because I have an unhealthy love of Mexican food and beer. I run to stay in control. I run with abandon to lose control. I run with friends and family. I run because, above all else, I solidly enjoy running.

Sometimes I’m a running cheerleader goading people into things they don’t want or think they can do. I’ve been known to get singalongs going during half marathons and give inspirational speeches that rival anything a football movie can produce to my friends during long runs. I always quit when I’m annoying myself, because at that point I’ve definitely annoyed them.

I love running around Boston. I’ve lived here for 4 years and visited for years before that. Seeing the city while running gives me new perspective, has helped me spot restaurants I want to go to, made me appreciate that I’m not ragingly hungover on a Saturday morning. And there’s that spot on Memorial Drive when you can see the Charles River and the entire expanse of downtown. I will always slow down there.

While this started out as a blog about my experiences marathon training, that gets old. I run a number of races of differing lengths. Sometimes I’m intensely motivated and other times I am not. I have opinions, criticisms, good times and bad. And that’s what you’re going to find here.

Feel free to email me at and follow me on Twitter @GrahamRunsBos

Here is my college’s take on my marathon experience:

And here is me saying some remarkably stupid things:


One Response to You Know You Want to Know About Me

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello. My sister sent me your blog after she saw someone RT it on Twitter because she thought I’d like it, and it turns out she was right! I’m a local Bostonian with marathon fever and just started training for my first marathon (!!!) that I’ll be running in June. I can totally relate to a lot of your posts and looked for your email address to message you but I didn’t see it. Well, now you have mine in case you ever want to chat outside of a comment box 🙂

    Good luck with your training and with the race! I’ll definitely be back to read more

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