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Bostonian running around Boston. Team RaceMenu distance runner. Oyster appreciator, beer lover, outside all the time when I can, loosely pursuing a BQ

Two Hearted Trail Run 50K Recap

Before I really get rolling, I need to thank my equal parts loving/concerned/patient/worried/excited/proud/happy/wonderful wife Katie for going on an adventure to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with me so I could run a race that was inspired because I wanted … Continue reading

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Shaking the dust off

I’ve had a long journey back to running. One I will get into a little bit more in a post to come. But, I’ve gotten back in to the swing of things slowly but surely. With the help of treadmills, … Continue reading

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Just Like That

One email and just like that-my mind is rewired. I’m looking at the calendar and plotting long runs, hill work, speed work. Loops with water fountains, bathrooms, views and vistas, shade, definitely shade. Around ponds, reservoirs, along the esplanade, down … Continue reading

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Is Ragnar Relay Selling You Your Experience? Or, Is Everything Really Awesome?

Last night I did 2 things — 1) I came hope from Ragnar: Cape Cod 2015 very, very tired — as you should from running and being sleep deprived for 24 hours and 2) watched The Lego Movie.  Little did … Continue reading

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Graham Ran Boston – 2015 Edition

Just about 24 hours after finishing I’m very sore, have a severe case of marathon brain, but am incredibly grateful. Before getting into the details of my day, I have to say thank you to Katie for enduring yet another … Continue reading

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Dammit, Indy, Where Doesn’t It Hurt?!

So, I haven’t written that much about training this go around. This is for two reasons, the first is that as of this morning Boston officially broke its record for most snow recorded in a single winter. I couldn’t do … Continue reading

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Here’s My Deal

So, here’s the thing — I know social media is the greatest and easiest soap box there is.  You can incite controversy.  Preach to the choir.  Point out the obvious.  Rage against whatever you want.  But one thing I’ve noticed, … Continue reading

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