A constantly evolving list of handy tips, tricks, and thoughts I’ve picked up from hits and misses while running and training.

The Holy Trinity: Beers. Burgers. Fries
Chocolate milk is great.
Chocolate milkshakes are even better.
Black toenails are a badge of courage.
A missing toenail is the ultimate sacrfice.
Triathletes are legit crazy.
Bring these things for after a race: a big towel, change of clothes, deoderant, face wipes, water, a banana, (always evolving).
Bring these before a race: The big towel for changing after the race and to sit on before the race, a blow-up pool raft for lounging on before a marathon, water, a banana, gu, some more gu, body glide, sunblock, (always evolving)
Always lay your clothes out the night before.
Pick your bibs up the day before.
Never experiment with compression gear the day of a race.
Coffee is great up until a point. And then it’s not.
Bagels are a gift from God.
Nap. Strategically nap.


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